Becoming a centenarian

We are living in a time where life expectancy in the UK is continuously improving, and reaching 100 years in age will become more common. Being 50 can hardly be considered old; it will soon mark the halfway point in many of our lives. But why are we all going to live longer?

According to the latest research nearly 20% of living people in the UK will reach the milestone of 3 figures in age. Improvements in healthcare is a large factor in the extension of life and it is thought that in 35 years time there will be in excess of 200,000 centenarians in the UK.

Research shows numerous ways of prolonging the twilight years:

- Maintaining a lifelong physically active lifestyle
- Minimal alcohol consumption
- A non-smoking background
- A purpose in life - something to strive towards every day
- Keeping mentally active
- Sustaining a healthy weight - not being overweight

Studies reveal that 100 year-olds have strong social connections with family and friends, are able to maintain positive outlooks, and are not adverse to change of routines.

Eating a healthy diet containing anti-oxidants - found in fruit and vegetables - is another great way to diminish the chances of developing cancers and heart disease.

Combining all these lifestyle traits can help you march on to the big 100 and enjoy many more years of excellent health, fitness and well-being.

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