A Day in the Life of a PR & Marketing Apprentice Working in the Travel Industry

Without a qualification in PR and Marketing, an apprenticeship has given me real insight into the industry and the opportunity to earn whilst I learn. Now 6 months into my 1 year PR & Marketing apprenticeship based in London, I have gained valuable experience with real responsibility on a new career path.

I usually start the day off by making a cup of peppermint tea whilst saying hello to anyone in the kitchen – our office is in a shared building, so you get to meet people from other businesses too.

First call of duty is to check through my new emails and respond to anything urgent – when working in PR with journalists, timing is everything, with many journalists working to tight deadlines.

Responsible for managing daily social media activity across all platforms (including FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and Google+), I then send out the morning social media post. Whether sharing our latest blog post, travel offers, inspirational quote or healthy advice, Social Media is a vital tool for connecting with new and existing clients.

internship with health and fitness travel

Lucy at her desk at Health and Fitness Travel HQ 

In addition to direct emails, another important part of my morning routine is to respond to journalist requests via subscribed media resources, which send out alerts from journalists in search of particular information for articles they are currently working on.

With my apprenticeship also offering the opportunity to gain experience managing interns, I may then spend some time briefing our current intern on a new task or providing them with feedback on a completed task.

With the morning having flown by, it’s time for lunch, usually in the café on the ground floor – the fresh soup made from scratch each morning is delicious and different every day. 

Afternoons are a great time to focus on lengthier tasks or big projects, whether researching and writing our next press release (which will eventually be sent to the media) or working on a brand partnership marketing campaign with a partner company.

If time allows, dedicating some of that time to ongoing tasks such as researching new blog topics or planning exciting new newsletters, is great to do whilst enjoying the latest healthy treat creation or freshly made juice, whipped up by colleagues.

Typically, I will finish off the day responding to any final emails or having a quick search for any recent online coverage – whilst a log is kept of any expected coverage, it is always rewarding to discover the unexpected.


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