Top 10 Fusion Fitness™ Holidays

Our exclusive top 10 Fusion Fitness™ holidays are sure to boost your fitness levels with a combination of one-on-one activities that you can tailor to match your tastes. With this personalised balance of cardio; strength & sport; mind & body and renewal, you can experience your ideal full body workout and relax your muscles with the spa treatments that you enjoy most.
  • Four swimming pools
  • Michelin-star restaurant
  • Premium location in Quinta do Lago
  • State-of-the-art spa
  • World's best Luxury Wellness Spa
  • Private long sandy beach
  • 50 minutes from historic Venice
  • Seasonal and local Italian wellness cuisine
  • Magnificent location between beach & forest
  • Excellent fitness and wellness facilities
  • Multi-purpose sports area
  • Award-winning restaurant
  • Specialises in yoga, surfing & spa
  • Emersive beach-side yoga studio
  • 30+ weekly group fitness & yoga classes
  • World-class surfing location
  • Protected Marine Reserve location
  • Great weather all year round
  • Ayurveda Centre
  • Excellent fitness facilities
  • Specialises in detox, yoga & fitness
  • Single-friendly
  • Comprehensive wellness programmes
  • Super-healthy food menus